Sheet not reloaded today?

Our sheet hasn’t reloaded today and it won’t in the Glide Admin interface?

We have a second app’s sheet that is reloading?

We have nearly 600 users, please reload our sheet.

Screenshot 2021-02-25 161749

This is what we see all day?

Have you tried contacting glide support?


Any response from them yet?

  • Do you have a yellow :warning: by your reload button?
  • Have you made any major structural changes to your sheet?
  • Have any permissions changed on your sheets recently?
  • Do you have any issue signing into Google Drive or opening the google sheet with the same google account used for glide?

Not that I know of? I do have a Glide Expert though. He owns the sheet. I have reached out to him as well. Unfortunately, time zones…

Can I safely replace the sheet with a copy? I CANNOT blow this thing up. My development investment is starting to become significant.

Technically yes, you should be able to replace the source sheet for an app, but I honestly haven’t ever tried it and personally that wouldn’t be the first thing I try. I would first make a couple of duplicates of the app…both with and without copying the sheet to see if that works.

Somehow magically it’s working for my Expert or someone did something? I have had customers entering things all day that didn’t make it. I think I’m going to need an expert in a US timezone as well? I have a deal working on 44 of these and I fear writing an SLA. I’m learning what could happen I guess before I start writing contracts?

I started making a living in 95 using the Internet so I remember the wild west feelings and navigating the contract process when things were very dicey. It’s okay, I will figure something out to monitor more closely.

Thank you for your words of wisdom.

So it is working now? Did you make any duplicates, or did it just start working?

My expert wrote me and said, “it works for me”. And I went back, the sheet and Glide matched as well I was able to refresh the sheet without error? It just started working. The two of us think Glide fixed it?

I am going to have to make a duplicate and test the replacement to do the sheet change of ownership because I don’t know if he drops out and the sheet hands me the ownership if Glide would have to refresh its permissions to the sheet with me as the new owner? I can’t take any chances of this app going down, or at least lower the math as much as possible.

Thanks again!

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Glad it works now. Doesn’t hurt to play around with a duplicate to get a better feel for things…and just to have a backup for that matter.