Custom short and long URLs still pointing to old app after creating a new app and deleting the old

I have a Google Sheet that is currently getting lots of visits since previously we shared the sheets link publicly. I first built a Glide app on top of it, but I realised we don’t want the google sheet to be public anymore. So since I couldn’t directly change the data source on the glide app and phase out the public google sheet, I built a new app backed by my new sheet, and transferred pro subscription from the old app to the new.

My old app was available at a custom short URL ( and on my custom URL (

However, since my new app initially pointed to the same custom URLs, I keep seeing the old app showing up and not the new. I changed the custom URL for the new app and updated DNS records accordingly, and even deleted the old app but still no luck.

It’s been over 7 hours and the issue still persists which makes me think it may not be a dns propagation issue (for the first domain it took minutes).

Wondering if it’s a cache thing from glide side or something that has to do with the manifest file?