Change app link


I have a free account.
What will happened to my users if I change my url?


Your users who have installed via the old URL will no longer get access, I think.


Correct. They’ll receive a “page not found” error.

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what if I upgrade to custom domain?

same result?

I believe as long as you change the name record within your hosting site to the new URL, you should be fine.

If the url that was used to install the app ever changes or goes away, then the app will be longer work. Just like a bookmark for a website. If the url starts redirecting to a new app, whether it’s a custom domain url or a Glide url, then the user should start seeing the new app since it’s the same url to them.

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so based on that,
If i duplicate the app,delete the original and gave the same url to the clone.
it will work the same? even to those who installed the app?

In theory it should. You can always try it with a couple of test apps. At most, it may require them to sign in again.