Change URL app and old URL still access the app Plus public app apear as public with email and demand signed in

Hi Gliders,

@Mark , @eltintero @George_B

wierd thing.
I published an app under a url: (URL1)

then, I wanted to avoid users entering the app for a while so changed it to: - (URL2)

Users which tried entering the first URL (URL1) are successful and are getting to the correct app with the new URL (URL2)/

I now changed the URL again to - - (URL3) ans still people which go to URL1 are able to access.

URL3 now -

URL1 - still accessible…

ano now while writing this post I find even wierder thing,
My app is set to public as you can see in the image below:

but when accessing the app on the URL it open sign in screen.

For what it’s worth - all 3 of your URL’s return a 404 code (not found) for me.

Now I changed the url completely and it seem to go back to normal