Accessing old URL

My application’s URL has been changed from to

But when you type the application is accessed

How long did you wait? Maybe it’s still cached?

strange I just cleared the cache and keeps loading

Great topic because I’d actually like that to be the case,… so to double check something: I recently upgraded to a pro app and I want to use my own URL. That’s possible, how ever I would love the current one to keep working as well.

Is that the case? Or will the current glide URL stop?

@Alex_Calandrino that’s weird. Must be getting cached somewhere.

@Naos_Wilbrink your’s is a different situation. You should be able to use a custom url as well as a glide url at the same time.

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I hope that a for sure :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a go.

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Estou tendo o mesmo problema, mesmo limpando histórico, cache do navegador os dois endereços estão acessando no App.

I used Chrome, I used Opera and Firefox and everyone is accessing both addresses, so it’s not a cache, this happens both on desktop and mobile

Did someone clone your app and steal your name in one fell swoop? :rofl:

Seriously, I’d agree that my first thought it was cached somewhere. But if it can be accessed by BOTH URLs…maybe Glide has it cached on their end? Not sure.

It took almost 5h for the old URL to come out of operation completely, I don’t know where the cache is stored but I found it very time consuming