GlideApp Not Found URL changed without manual update

I published a GlideApp and days later, a Not Found error returned when users attempted to access app. No changes were made to the app or URL. Please advise what would cause the URL to change on the published app.

Are you saying that the url changed, or is the url the same?
Can you confirm that the app is still published?
Do you have a link that you are willing to share?

Thanks Jeff.

The app was published with URL

This AM, a user reported getting not found error.

When I logged into Glide, the URL was changed to

I manually changed the URL back to the original and it works. What’s weird is the o2pe app still opens.

I’m curious why the URL changed.

Thanks for your review.

Hmm, that is weird. It should never change like that, so I can’t really explain what happened.

Your ‘fjrs’ link did work for me and the ‘o2pe’ link returns ‘Not Found’. If you are still seeing something on the o2pe link, it may just be a cached version.

Since you are using the default url instead of changing it to something else, it should be building the url based on your app title and a random 4 characters. Again, once an app is published this should not change on you. But, is it possible that you may have duplicated the app at some point and then published the duplicated app? So maybe you had an original app with the fjrs link, duplicated it at some point, deleted the original, and then published the duplicate app with the defaulted o2pe link? Just kind of scraping for ideas here.

Thanks, Jeff!

As for duplicate app, I did have a draft version sourced from Google Sheets, I think I started a new app when I built the final version from Airtable. But this is good info to consider when building new apps.


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Just remember that you can always change that url to something more friendly. The extra characters at the end are just to guarantee that it’s unique if someone else has a project with the same name. Glide used to assign urls by stringing 3 or 4 random words together. Then they eventually changed it to use the project name as part of the url. Either way, it can be changed to whatever you want. If it were me, I would have shortened it to ‘ca-voter-guide-2022’ before sharing the link, but since it sounds like you’ve already shared it, you may be stuck with the longer version.