App URL Change?

Why did the URL for my App all of a sudden automatically change to the following:

Was there a recent Glide system update ?

Good thing I have not released it to the public yet.

What did it change from? That looks like one of the automatic URLs assigned when your app is first created.

Hi David,

The original URL was:

What happen?

I had an issue yesterday where one of my active apps went down (“Not found” page loaded in browser). When I checked the editor, the app wasn’t published yet — even though it definitely was because it was in active use prior to yesterday. I had to publish the app, then set my url again (publishing it again resulted in an automatic weird url, so I had to manually switch it back to the one I was previously using).

This was a free app.

More users having the issue of published apps being unpublished and URLs resetting to system generated URLs.

@shchc can you DM us with more information about how active this app was?

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When you republish your app with the Share dialog, you can set the URL to the original link if you choose.

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Thanks for this explanation @david. My app is only used once a week or so, and I can see that it had to little to no activity the last couple weeks (until yesterday). I’ll have to check a few others though in case they’re also affected! I create a lot of basic apps that are mostly just cool ways to document policies and procedures, so they’re free and rarely accessed, but I still need them.