"Not found"

In two of my apps, i get a white screen with a “Not found” message.

Any ideas?

Hey, @Makis_Theonas, when was the last time you accessed this app? Is this a free app?

Can you check if your app is published in Glide?

It’s a free app, last accessed two days ago.
(Not edited, just accessed by users).


Can you please try opening it in the Glide editor and clicking ‘Share’?

Publishing did it.
Thank you sir.

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I have struck a similar issue within hours of Makis.
I have a bunch of cloned apps, all free, all working beautifully for over a year, all last edited days ago, all accessed within last 24hrs - three of them suddenly went “Not Found”
In the editor, the “Share” button recommends Publishing
This works but offers links such as obtainable-country-3018.glideapp.io/ and adamant-balance-6691.etc.
Keying in the original link fixes everything, but there must be an underlying problem
For reference, one of the apps is https://g5pbl.glideapp.io/

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Hey @Brian_Ashmore,

Are you suggesting that the apps were published and still when you clicked Share, they showed up as unpublished and you had to publish them again?

I think if you copy a published app, the copy of the app would need to be published in order to be accessible.

What is the reason of making a copy of the app and then sharing it with the url of the previously published app? Are you doing it to publish new changes all together and not impact the published app? I am guessing you are removing the previous apps, because no two apps can be published on same url.

A fourth one went under while I was typing

Hi abhilashabhatia,
Thanks for the rapid response
Your first sentence is on track:
I published 8 apps a year ago, they are clones but run on their own gsheets
They all performed normally for ages., but suddenly went “Not Found” today for no reason
Opened in the Glide editor they all request Publishing when clicking the Share button, meaning they have lost their link for no reason. Re-publishing fixes everything but I can’t keep watching for the next crash
There is no copying or anything connected with your last two sentences

I have the same issue here, all my five apps show up with this “not found” message. They all went well for about a year without any problems and I did not change any of its link.

Same for me. Most of my apps (already published) show up as not found. Republished one and it mostly seems to work. If I try and republish others, as it changes the Url completely from the first time round (and I don’t know exactly what url I used the first time), if I don’t guess it right other people won’t be able to open the Apps. Hope you can fix this without me having to work my way through them all!

Looks like many users are having this issue.

Glide support email: support@glideapps.com

cc: @david @Mark @Ian

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This is very concerning. Someone from glide team please let us know what is happening. Certainly would not want my apps to be unpublished on their own. Kind of hard to explain to the customer why we would have this situation.

This should only affect free apps made over six months ago with no usage. It looks like apps with just one or two users may have been included in this.

We put an unpublish precaution in as a one-time security measure for public, free apps that look abandoned. You can simply republish your apps if they were unpublished, and this won’t happen again.


Thanks David - that explains it. My Apps all went dormant for 7 months thanks to Covid-19.
A rare foible on this brilliant platform!
I have learnt something not clearly covered in the Help. The sub-domian, the random 5 alphas assigned upon creation, is editable. Simply type over the black text, then click “Copy” to save.
I have now done a “Share” and clicked “Copy” on all my Apps, to restart the “6 month” clock.



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Today I’ve noticed my app was unpublished too.
Sudden death is bad behavior.
At least some people use my app, not zero.
I prefer notice email before actual destructive action next time.

Current implementation of glide is subdomain (xxx in xxx.glideapp.io) is not preserved after unpublished. This is potential security risk. Malicious people can replace good website with bad website like Zoombombing.

Today, this happened to my published app. I noticed that when I left my creative area outside my personal network, I received the “Not Found” message. My app is published and is on the Private Pro plan. I hope my users don’t have to do what I just did. I had to remove the old app, download it again, and sign in.