Change custom domain from an application (classic) to a new application (pages)

After it was announced that glide would focus more on “glide pages”, I’ve been developing a new app that would replace the “classic” version that my collaborators use

If I change a Custom Domain (.com) from one glide app to another glide app (an upgrade), will users who have installed the old version be able to access the new one or will they need to install again?

Most likely they will need to install a new one and need to re-login.

I just did this with my app (previously Classic, now Pages) at the beginning of the month and there were no issues. It took a few minutes to sync over but the same icon took them to the new app.

thanks drascon, i will try it hope it works too

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No need to reinstall. All code and data is downloaded every time you open the app. What’s “installed” is basically a shell of the web browser with your app’s icon, so all it’s doing is opening a website inside of that shell, which looks and feels like a native app. The custom domain doesn’t change, so when an app opens, the custom domain knows where to retrieve the code and data, which in this case happens to be the new app.

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