Move domain from app to app

Hi Gliders,

I have an app which was built over a year ago with the abilits glide had then. As you all know glide jumped hugely in the last year and I’m thinking of building the app from scatch.

This means I’ll need to move the sub-domain of the app to the new app and I actually never did that,

Anyone did this in the past and can share the process?

Appreciate the help.

I haven’t done it, but I imagine it would just be a matter of following the same setup process with the new app, and updating the associated DNS records at the same time.

I guess there could be a period of time where end users might find themselves landing on one or the other app, as the changes are propagated. You could probably minimise this by temporarily setting the TTL to a low value.

Is there a procedure to disconnect the existing app?

Nothing special that I can think of. Once you’ve updated the DNS records and the changes have propagated, the old app will no longer be accessible on the custom domain URL.

Again, I should point out that I haven’t done this myself, so this is just my best guess based on my understanding of how DNS works.

Thanks brother, this makes sense

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