Need help switching domain from old app to new app

I was just about to start entering my dns records but when i clicked on ‘domain’ and entered the URL, this msg came up because my old glide app is using it:

Do i have to disconnect it first?

I pressed ‘ok’ and it exited out of the whole tab. When i clicked on ‘domain’ again, it took me to step 3,

i pressed ‘back’ and now I’m at step 2.

Not sure if i should continue…

Yes, you do.

I’ve done this lots of times. It’s simple.

  • Remove Custom DNS config from original App
  • Add Custom DNS config to new App
  • Finished.

Normally you don’t need to touch any DNS setting on the host provider side.

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ok! I feel like every time i screw up this simple task so I will see if i can do it this time on my own! :sweat_smile:

On the rare occasion Glide will change the host parameters when you switch Apps, so if you don’t get green ticks after a short while you may need to check that.

well i already screwed something up lol

I tried to add a new A record on my host side and copied the link text here, and it added a new one on the glide side and now it shows two A records

my new entry also isn’t showing up - but the old one is here, should i have just updated it instead of trying to add another record?

You shouldn’t have added any new records at all.
I would delete the one you added, wait for a bit and then check Glide. If it indicates the record is missing, then add it again.

ok so I should be updating my current records, not adding a new one?

So delete the one i added, and update the one I underlined above, as well as update this TXT record here?

You shouldn’t have touched your records at all, unless the host values changed, and usually they don’t.

Oh. But they look different…?

this is the old A record:

this is the new one:

this is the old TXT:

this is the new one:

So I’m confused lol

oh and when I click the ‘i’ here, it shows the old record configuration