My glide app seems to be going in and out

What I mean is, I have a pro account by the way with my own domain, when I open the app it will go from working perfectly one minute to the Siteground’s “Awesome Site in the Making” the next and I can’t access the app. It is very frustrating. All my DNS settings seem to be in order. I’m not sure what to do…


We can’t help at all if we don’t know what your app link is. Can you share it?

Does this happen on every device?

When did you configure your custom domain? If it was recently, it could be DNS settings are still updating and your phone has some cached.

I updated DNS records last week. I seem to have more of a problem on mobile, but it goes out on the PC as well…

@Brian_Rosenstein I believe David meant the Glide Team can try to help you if you share the link to your app, not your website.

(Though make sure to share both as showcases when you launch!)

So I’m not exactly sure how to get the link to the app… sorry i’m still a newb…

In Glide, in the “Design” section (Design, Tabs, Data editor, View as, Settings), upper right, you should see a “Share” button. Click on that. You should see your app’s URL.