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Hi all. I have a custom subdomain pointing to my pro app. Is it possible to point a second subdomain to the same app? If I wanted to change the subdomain of the app, would it break for existing users (would they need to create a new bookmark for it?)

Can you tell us what is your use case for this? So two domains would lead to the same Glide App?

This is an interesting question. I don’t have experience with this, and as it directly relates to your first question I would wait for an answer on that. Maybe @Darren_Murphy, @eltintero or @Robert_Petitto can shine some light on this.

I’m 99.9% certain that yes, users would need to rebookmark the app.

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100% sure about new bookmark
You can do a redirect from your domain to the one that is configured in the Glide builder.

So redirects to (configure this in your domain registrar) is the one you configure in Glide.


Many thanks to everyone for their input.

“Whats the use case?” Well, I made a mistake to be honest. Initially I thought I’d have multiple instances of the same app (one per customer of mine). But I’ve had a rethink about the business model and think its probably better to fit multiple customers in the same app instance. So the subdomain currently in use is specific to one customer and I’d like to swap it across now to something more generic while I still dont have that many users signed up (approx 140 currently).

I kinda knew myself that I would break the link for the existing users if I changed the subdomain. But Eltintero has validated what I had previously hoped (that I could use redirects to achieve the same result).

So my plan now is to:

  • Make a generic subdomain and apply that to my app
  • For the existing subs, I’ll just redirect to the generic sub and hopefully keep a single instance of the app while catering for personalised subdomains per customer - points to my app - points to the generic sub - points to the generic sub

Hopefully this works. I think that would be a tidy setup if achievable. Gives my customers a custom sub domain but allows me to max out a single pro app instance (each customer will not see the other customers once in the app so it will appear custom to them).



Happy to help!

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Circling back to this as I cant seem to get this going. If anyone has the patience to help me out I’d appreciate it. Even if you could tell me what I’m doing is not achievable it would help me stop wasting time trying to figure it out! (so thanks in advance as always).

I currently have my pro app pointing to and everything is working perfectly fine. As a step 1, all I want to do is create a second subdomain and point that at the existing subdomain. So, it wouldnt matter if I typed in subdomain or subdomain1, both would take me to the app.

However, I cant for the life of me get this working and I’ve no idea why. I’m sure its really simple and I dont have the underlying understanding but it seems like it should be really simple.

I’ve tried:

  1. URL Forwarding - Doesnt work
  2. Adding an A record - Doesnt work
  3. Adding a CNAME - Doesnt work (even though when I put the new subdomain address into a global DNS propagation checker its all green ticks)

Im getting “cannot establish a secure connection to the server” on safari.

@eltintero @ThinhDinh @Robert_Petitto Last effort at dragging you guys back into this one!

I still cant get it to work. I’d assume that glide wont authorize both subdomains to point to the same package. However, I’m surprised the URL forwarding isnt working. I just want to point subdomain 2 back at subdomain 1.

Thanks in advance! All or any help welcome.

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I have a similar use-case— wondering if you ever got this sorted out @KenApp ! Let me know!

Hi @MegannLock. Unfortunately no success with this issue. I havent really looked into it since I posted this but its been in the back of my mind all the while. I’m not even sure if its something silly I’m doing with the forwarding or if its a restriction on the glide side. Absolutely not my area of expertise as you can see so I’m struggling to root cause the problem.

I’ll post to this thread if I get it sorted. Maybe you could do that same if you get it resolved on your side. Thanks

Url forwarding should work in your case, maybe the redirection is not correctly implemented in your DNS settings?
I don’t see other solutions.

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