Domain and Sub-domain query

Can we (or has someone tried to) point a domain to a glideapp and then subdomain to point to a forum or a cms deployed hosting ?

Is this technically possible ?


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Hi @Shiv , not a direct answer but as I’m also looking to add a forum aspect to my app, what I was initially planning to do is have an external link to Mighty Networks forum via a custom URL. So using your example of, I might set up a or (or if you’re okay paying $600 and use an Open Link action to just go there from Glide.

If you subscribe to one of MN’s higher tier plans, you can also place 2 external links from their forum back to your app so can make it a seamless circular experience IMO. The reason I like MN is based on the research I’ve done, theirs is the most supportive of networking amongst the members which I feel will be one of the main value props of my app.

If a could go to a separate forum other than Glide, that would be cool though. A lot cheaper than $600 for a .forum domain


I’ve not done that specifically, but as long as your DNS is setup correctly I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work.

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Hey Darren,

My limited knowledge says that you can’t point a domain to something other than hosting and then have subdomain point to something else (which could be a hosted software like CMS/Forums/etc). The DNS doesnt allow you to do so.

I can probably do like this redirect to my glideapps and have point to something on a hosting server. But i dont know if that would help me at glideapps end.

On a personal note i would like the visitors to the domain to come easily to app, than having to remember to prefix the domain with app.

Again i am telling this based on my limited knowledge about setting up domains and pointing them to hosting where wordpress is running. I could be wrong too :wink:


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Hi @Shiv , I’ll find out right now. I use Namecheap for my domain registrations and they’ve got a great customer service chat function. I’ll report back as I want to procrastinate on figuring out Event Picker for time being

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Hey @Zonez_SF - thanks a lot - even am thinking of speaking to folks from Godaddy too.

Having said that, as for your previous reply - thanks for pointing me to MN it looks interesting but i have a requirement for a bit more than a community/forum too. But thanks a ton for pointing to it and it looks promising with the feature set.

The point that you mentioned about having to pay additional $$$ for new domains like or similar is whats preventing me from taking that option and instead want to use subdomain/s.


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Hi @Shiv, yes @Darren_Murphy was correct regarding DNS. Here was Namecheap’s specific answer:

“Yes, you may point this subdomain to another host by creating NS records for the subdomain forum with third-party nameservers in value or by creating A or CNAME record for it.”

For me, I actually would prefer the or as well. I definitely don’t want to pay $600 for a .forum domain but the other domains aren’t too bad, maybe (edit: just checked and saw also going for $485, huh?? But goes for $10)

Regarding forum platforms, the other ones I looked at were Discourse, Circle and Tribe. I believe Glide is Discourse and I personally prefer Discourse in general based on my behavior pattern with other forums I’m a member of. Lastly, if you want a free one that has way more bugs than the ones just listed but has been gaining credibility in the social impact space, is Hylo. I believe they’re a cooperative and open source so they espouse social/environmental values which isn’t normally the case with majority of companies so kinda cool.

Good luck!


And that’s what you do when you point a sub-domain to a Glide App.
So you might have which points to your company website.
And then create which points to your Glide app.
Both are subdomains of, but one is hosted by Glide.
And it’s the DNS that allows that to happen.
Shiv’s example was essentially the same as that - except the opposite :wink:


Wow? I wish I had met you two months earlier. I could’ve saved $10 on registering :frowning: Better late than never. Thanks Darren