About domain and subdomains

Hello! Is it possible to connect subdomains in the glide for several applications, for example app.domen.com, 2app.domen.com, 3app.domen.com and so on, the limit of subdomains in GoDaddy is 500 pcs, a question about the possibility in the glide! Does glide give us such opportunities?

I want to build a saas QR menu platform for a cafe, owner can create their own menu for guests with on our app in glide! how can we set up this setting in our glide app, how we can solve this problem?
I think we have 2 variants

  1. each cafe will get its only app
  2. we creat one app for any cafe but set up such as its menu can be shown by its URL only

you can connect UP TO ONE domain/subdomain PER APP.

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I’ve asked this a number of times and was told that it should be possible to point multiple subdomains to a single app instance. However, I’ve never successfully achieved it (I’m sure someone said they had somewhere in one of the threads). @eltintero is definitively telling us its not possible above so I guess that makes sense. Its a shame though as the use case is strong for lots of people.

I’ve never set up a custom domain myself, but I would imagine that you would need a way to set up the subdomains to redirect to a deep link for each cafe in the app. You would have to get the deep link (link to screen) within glide, but then the redirects would probably have to be set up with the domain provider.

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Assuming that I’m understanding the question correctly, then yes it is possible.


Hi Darren,

Thanks for updating this. I believe I see the issue on my end now…

" Note: URL forwarding is not possible on .APP, .DEV , and .PAGE domains because .APP, .DEV , and .PAGE require HTTPS, and this does not work with URL forwarding requests."

I’m using a .APP domain. Not sure if this applies for @A.Abdumannapov but explains the issue on my side.

Thanks again. Not sure how to circumvent this now.

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