Confused - Building Glide Pages within Existing URL

I think this can be done, but I need confirmation. We have a paid Glide App (it’s for recipes within our plant-based community), which has it’s own unique URL. I’m building a Glide Pages (as we have some folks who greatly prefer larger screen browser-based) from the same data.

My question is when we publish (and presumably pay for) the app to go live, can we create it as a sub-domain of our new website (which is being built by another team within our organization). It looks like they’ll be using a WordPress/Beaver Builder approach for the new website.

We’d really like to not have to re-build the great work we’ve done in Glide Apps, and want it to seamlessly integrate into our website. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any/all advice.

Jim Spellos

Hey Jim, welcome back!

You certainly can. This should help: Configuring a custom domain - Glide Library

Thanks for the quick response, Tom. Will look at the link asap. Appreciate it!


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Prego! :raised_hands:

With the correct domain setup I think you can have something like: for the Glide App for the Glide Page

It would be nice if you can redirect users based on the device type they’re using, I’m not sure it’s possible.