Can I use 2 custom domains that point to the same Glide app (Pro)?

Hi, I have a very specific and technical concern :
I was using a custom domain connected to my Glide app, it worked fine.
But I need to change the custom domain because the name of my company will change.
I would like to use the new one AND the former one at the same time, but it seems that Glide can use only 1 custom domain for each app, I can only edit this custom domain and not add a new one (see the picture bellow).

Hence my question:
Is it possible to have 2 different custom domains pointing to the same Glide app at the same time ?


To go further:
I have many users currently using the former domain (from social medias and my website) to connect to my app, it will take time to naturally redirect them to the new url.
However, the new name (and the new domain) are not revealed yet, I want to keep them secret for the moment so I don’t want to implement a simple visible DNS redirection from the former domain to the new domain. I want to do this later on, when I reveal the new name…

PS : I tried to implement an invisible redirection, but web browsers don’t like it and force a visible redirection instead.

I think it’s a no, but would like to hear more opinions from people who are experienced with this like @eltintero .

One domain linked to the Glide app and you can redirect your second one to the previous one.

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