Transfer Ownership?

Hello! Love the program, can’t wait for more features and app store compatibility!

I was tasked with creating an app for my employer, but used a personal email account with Glide to do so. They need the app connected with their official email account so they can edit it after I leave this job. How can we transfer ownership of the app from my account to their’s?


There are several threads on how to do this. Here are a couple:

Thank you! One more question, I have 234 users on my current app (before moving it). Once the app is copy-pasted into a new account does it become a “new” app or does it carry over those preexisting users?

  1. Copy the app to the new account.
  2. Log back in to the old account and change the url on the old app to some obscure name,.
  3. Quickly log into the new account and change the url for the new app to what you had for the existing url.

As I understand it, this should appear relatively seamless to the user and they shouldn’t have to log back in, but I haven’t tried it myself. Not sure what would happen if a user is actively using the app at that moment. It may be best to do it at a time when you know very few users are using the app.

Awesome, thanks!

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