Migration from google sheet to Glide table

I am creating a clone of a google sheet (w/ 100+ columns & ~80 computed columns) as a Glide table.

Once finished creating the Glide table:

  • Export existing google sheet.

  • Import data into the new Glide table.

Is this the correct process?

PS…there are a LOT of computed columns…fingers crossed.

I don’t think it matters much, but I would export the Sheet, import it into Glide and deal with the computed columns after importing. I would like to see in real time if the result of computed columns is right.

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Update on migrating table from Sheets to Glide.


I have a sheet that is a ‘feed’ for many other activities in the app. Whenever I create/delete/modify an item I create a ‘feed item’ so the community is updated on what is going on. This feed is used a lot, has lots of computed columns and in a test grew to 100 rows in one day. I expect it will be in low thousands per month.

The google sheet was bogging down (lists were slow, updates were taking 3-4 seconds versus instantly) so I decided to move it to a Glide table (I did this for other ‘working’ tables with get performance improvements). Frankly, I dreaded this.


I cloned the app and ran two instances (before and after) and re-built the new ‘g Table’ basically having both dev environments open and being diligent (not one of my strengths). It was very slow (running multiple instances of the Glide builder on the same system) so I used a second laptop for creating the new table.

The table has ~100 columns - 70+ are compute columns. After re-creating all the compute columns I exported the google sheet (Glide nicely had checked all the non-computed columns) using the default setting. I then imported the CSV into the new g Table and compared the first few rows. Success!

Testing 1:

I duplicated the in-line list component which displayed the items and set the source to the new table. Corrected visual look but nothing was visible. I looked at the Visibility and FIlter from the overview and everything looked correct but when clicking into the details all the column data was “-”. I reset all these to the new table and it displayed perfectly.

Testing 2:
All action sequences need to be re-built from scratch. The action sequence that selects which detail screen is being viewed from the feed (the feed has many different ‘types’ of items in it) needed to be rebuilt but all the underlying detail screens were perfect. The ‘see all’ screen also had to be rebuilt and the same action sequence to view the ‘feed’ details need to be recreated.

Overall impression:

Took less time than I imagined and the export/import from google to Glide worked flawlessly. Performance seems better but I won’t know until I get rid of all the data and start entering new data to ‘measure’ performance.

The biggest issue now is replacing the ‘Add Row’ everywhere. This table is updated every time a new item is created/deleted/updated. There are about 40-50+ action sequences that add to this table. The ‘Find Use’ is ONE FANTASTIC capability.

Kudos to @david and @Mark and the entire engineering/product management team for crafting such a wonderful system