Slow performance - Migrating Google Sheet TAB to Glide

I started with Glide using a lot of Google sheet tabs since it makes debugging so much easier.

I have been plagued with slow performance when creating objects for the first time (I use custom forms and create a ‘CRUD’ row upon first use).

I was watching a screen and noticed that the ‘DATA’ section said ‘no data’ which was wrong since I was looking at it within the google sheet. Then, boom, the ‘DATA’ section had data (the CRUD row).

So the slowness when creating objects for the first time is, I believe, related to syncing between sheets and Glide. Sometimes it is 30 seconds (tolerable)…sometimes 90 seconds :scream:

Last November @Darren_Murphy said their is no easy way to migrate tables from sheets to Glide.(Converting Sheet Tab to Glide Table - #2 by Darren_Murphy)

Is that still the case!?! I probably have as many computed columns as I do actual ‘sheets data’ so trying to avoid having to recreate all this.


It is easier now to get data into Glide Tables than it was back then, and there are a number of options available - copy/paste, import CSV, API. But you’ll still have the same challenge with computed columns - they need to be rebuilt. There have been murmurs about about being able to include computed columns when copying tables, but nothing on the horizon yet.

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