MIgrating From Glide Tables to Google Sheets

Since a recent and small data crash I want to see if anyone has done this? Is there a real fast way to not rebuild a lot of columns infrasctuture and just swap out uses?

Also what are limitations using google sheets just as data and nothing formula related due to lag ect…

Nope, you will have to rebuild all the computed columns, and replace things on the front end with the new table’s structure.

I encourage you to take a look again at your settings though, the other person who reported what looks to be the same bug as you later on found out that it’s his own settings, not a Glide problem.

I wouldn’t encourage moving from GT to Google Sheets.

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thx! I apprecitate the last line…while google sheets is attractive for data movement, glide tables native output with the interface is the best UI repsonse i get out of glide

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