Are Glide Tables much faster than sheets? And can they do basic "sheets" formulas/functions?

I recently started embracing the data editor over sheets for basic calculations and i’m really enjoying the speed at which searches and calculations are processed.
I would love to use a glide table if it can do a decent amount of formula calculations etc.
What would ya’ll recommend?
Is it possible to use a bit of both?
Are these new hyper-formulas accessible in a glide table.

Hyperformula is not available.

You can use the Math column for basic numerical calculations, and you can use the JavaScript column for even more advanced calculations.

We do not have have general support for Excel-style formulas in Glide.

I’m definitely going to give it a try. I’m so impressed with the speed of the apps when using the data editor.

Is it possible to use both google sheets and a table?
Does the sheet link to a table like it links to the data editor?

Google Sheets and Glide Tables are separate, but you can work with both in the data editor and create relations between the two. The only real difference with Google sheets is that it has the additional step of synchronizing data between glide and google.

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Okay great. Gonna give it a go.
One last thing. I would assume that tables are faster than sheets?

In my experience, yes.


In my opinion, yes and no.

Yes in the fact that you don’t have to wait for any syncing to occur between glide servers and the google sheets, so background server side processing might be faster and more efficient. And, if you have a lot of data, then you aren’t running into any bottlenecking for that additional sync to happen between glide and google.

No in the fact that what you see, as a google sheet in the data editor, is just a duplicate copy of the google sheet. It’s essentially kind of like a glide table. That synced data is still stored on the glide server.

The app really has no knowledge of the difference between glide tables and google sheets. It’s still pulling data directly from the glide server’s copy of all the combined google sheet and glide table data.

I’d say definitely use glide tables if you have no need for the data to be in a google sheet. Just think long term if would ever need a function that is only available on google sheets. If you don’t think you will, then definitely go for the glide table option. It will probably scale a little better in the long run if you start to have a lot of data.


Okay thanks for that. Gonna try on a secondary app and learn from there. Thanks guys.

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