Help! Facing delays of upto an hour

My app’s URL:

It’s a live app and it’s a pretty simple question and answer app which awards points to users and their teams but I am facing unprecedented delays which is causing major problems for the users.

Not sure what I can do now but want to point it out to improve building practices henceforth.

Anybody know a solution or have faced a similar situation?

Possibly a similar scenario as this one?


Exactly same

So it seems like the solution for now is to use Glide Tables


I have an event in 3 hours form now where 300+ people are going to upload 15000+ images in the app
Would Glide Tables work fine or should I use something like Cloudinary?

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Based on what @david said in that other thread, I’d have to think you’d be okay with Glide tables. But, I can’t speak for him or the Glide team (which is why I tagged him) :slightly_smiling_face:

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I faced the exact same situation a week ago when too many users are trying to add multiple rows at the same time to the Sheet.

It created a hell of a delay and as I was using a relation for some conditions, it did not work at all.

I had to utilizie a user-specific column as my condition to keep it inside Glide, before the rows are actually written to the Sheet. Not sure if it helps your case but aside from moving to Glide Tables, that’s my solution for now.


@Manan_Mehta when your event is over I would be interested to know how it went, out of curiosity really thanks :blush:

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yes, same.
@Manan_Mehta how did it work out? Did you switch to Glide tables, or take the Cloudinary route?

My most important use case was that participants upload pictures only from their cameras so I switched to Glide Tables. We had lags of upto a minute only. So much better than Sheets though.
The event went well! I also found a way to bulk download all the images that were uploaded on Glide Tables.
Will do a thread about that soon.


Good news!
Glad it worked out for you :+1:

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Excellent glad it went well :+1:

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New problem that I am facing now with the same app.
The link between Glide and Google Sheets completely broke!

2nd day of my event is tomorrow and I am trying to make sure everything works but it clearly doesn’t.
Any suggestions?