Glide is being Absurdly Slow - Loading and Navigation


I recently updated to Glide Business Pro in order to expand the amount of rows I could work with.
The app is currenty on the classic Glide version since they haven’t udpated image carrousels and image overlays in the new version.

I’m currently working with around 15k rows (20 columns each) out of the total 25k I should be able to work with.
I previously had all my tables in Google Sheets and migrated all of them to Glide Tables except one: Frontend Catalog. I can’t migrate this table to Glide Tables since the file is over 5mb (which I honestly find insulting considering the $249 price).

The items in the Frontend catalog take AGES to render fully, and navigation between each click (tab, back, option, etc.) has a delay of at least 2-4 seconds. It’s completely unusable due to the amount of accidental triple clicks one does because of the delay.

I don’t understand why they sell it as though we can use the 25k rows if anything above 5k is basically unusable :confused:

Does anyone know what the issue could be or how it can be fixed?

Pd: sorry for the rant, I’m very frustrated by the act that the time and money I’ve invested into this could be completely worthless.

Can you expand on this a little? When you say “the file”, what exactly are you referring to? How have you attempted to convert it?

The delays that you describe certainly shouldn’t be considered normal, even for Google Sheet connected table that has over 20k rows. Once a Google Sheet has synced with Glide, it should pretty much perform the same as a native table. Especially from a client perspective, because the client has no direct link to the Google Sheet - it just syncs back and forth with the Glide back end.

The only thing that would normally cause delays is if you have things going on in the Google Sheet (formulas, etc) that need to be evaluated and the results sent back to Glide, and the client is forced to wait for that to happen.

I basically gather all the catalog information in the backend and then import it to a Google Sheet as a csv to act as a database.
I’ve tried importing the csv file into Glide Tables but, because it’s over 5mb, I’m not allowed to do so.

There are no formulas or operations going on in the Google Sheets, since I’m already cleaning up the data in the backend beforehand.

At this point I don’t know what else I can do. I am using some Glide computed columns on the catalog, but nothing out of the ordinary :confused:

Also, sync mode is on normal
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 4.47.43 PM

That part surprises me, I wasn’t aware that there was a hard limit like that. Do you get a message that tells you it’s too large?
How many rows/columns does the CSV file represent?

Sorry, I don’t have a lot to suggest. It may be worth your while to engage an Expert to take a look - perhaps they’ll spot something that isn’t obvious to you.
Is the App private? If not, are you able to share the link so we can see the slowness that you’re referring to? Or perhaps you can make a video that shows the behaviour?

That shouldn’t make any difference either way.

This is the message that appears when tryin to import.

Here is a link showcasing the speed:

Here is the link to the app:

oh okay, I wasn’t aware of that limit. You should be able to do it by breaking the file up though. When you add the second and subsequent imports, the new rows will just be appended to the table.

For the first upload, that’s perfect. However, I update the catalog in the backend every night, since the info has to stay up to date.
What would you recommend for updating?

Personally, I’d push updates in through the API.
Also, you mentioned that you’re on a Business Plan. You might want to consider using a Big Table for your catalog?

That might help with your performance issues, as the entire table wouldn’t be loaded onto user devices. I would certainly expect it to improve initial load time.


No sé cómo lo tienes montado pero te puedo comentar cómo tengo yo hecho algo similar:
Mi hoja de Google Sheet tiene asociado un proyecto de App Script donde tengo creado un script que se ejecuta cada cierta hora.
Este script borra el contenido de la hoja de excel y lo reescribe de nuevo.
Tal y como dice @Darren_Murphy es mejor hacer la inserción a través de scripts o APIs.
Espero que te ayude.

Hi @Byder_App

Thanks for reporting this! I took a look at your app and noticed this is a classic app with a Gsheet table with 14k+ rows with different filters.

We recommend turning your classic app into a Glide app. This will improve the performance and you will be able to use Glide Big Table. Another option you have is to turn your Gsheets table into a Glide table.

If this does not help with your issue, please submit a ticket so we can dig deeper into it.

Unfortunately Big Tables isn’t available on Classic Apps, and since the new version doesn’t support image carousels and image overlays, we can’t move it to the new version :confused:

Hi Santiago!

I unfortunately can’t turn it into a Glide app since the image elements haven’t been updated by engineering to support image carousels and iage overlays, which is a basic part of our app :confused:

Is there an ETA for this?

Sii, los updates a la Google Sheet los hago de manera automatica cada cierto tiempo, el problema está en que consideran que una sheet con 15k filas y 20 columnas es “demasiado pesada” :confused: