Your App Performance Issue

Hi all,

Have you ever experienced any major performance issue on your glide apps? Share your experience to understand the possible hiccups we may face

  1. For image upload using picker, if 30 users upload images within a minutes time, will it cause a lag?
  2. If 50 users starts entering text fields, adding new rows concurrently, can it handle the load?
  3. Glide app Crash? Any encounter?
  4. Data integrity. When app doesnt work as expected and data not updating as expected, how does it reconcile with the Google sheets?
  5. Is there a back up solution for Glide app data?

apologies for such long list of questions.

Here are my best guess answers:

  1. I highly doubt 30 people uploading pictures would cause lag. It’s a minimal update to the sheet with just the URL. The rest of the hosting appears to be through Google’s Firebase. If Google’s servers can’t handle it, then we are screwed. Also consider the hundreds or thousands of people that are already using glide apps to upload pictures. It’s all a shared load already.

  2. Refer to answer 1, but I can’t say for sure. I deal with 1 or 2 users mostly.

  3. I’ve never had a major crash. The app might restart on me on my phone if I’m currently making design changes, but not often. It very rarely causes problems and any issues I do have are most likely related to my old slow phone.

  4. Reconcile with Google sheets is between the glide servers and Google. If the data isn’t getting uploaded to glide from your app, then there might be an issue with the device. Otherwise it’s been rock solid for me.

  5. Here is some info on how I handle sheet backups.
    Spreadsheet data

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#4 When the internet connection is spotty, it seems to be causing some problems for my app. Some users have been complaining.