How many concurrent users is Glide able to handle?

Not sure if this has been asked already.

I have come across an interesting stress test about rows, however that’s not what I’m after.

I’m wondering how many concurrent users would a Glide app be able to handle? Has anyone ever put their app under stress test?

Just a range would suffice. Example: 500 / 5000 / 50000 at the same time.

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Maybe it isn’t the final answer but at least, you can see something about it How scalable is Glide


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This is an old post, but it’s indicated that there are over 23,000 users a month.


Yes! And now, I’m sitting at about 31k users a month. This is using just the regular device sign-in count on my Glide dashboard vs. Google Analytics, tho!


Thanks Jeff

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That’s great Megann, thanks for sharing.

Do you record any performance degrade with so many concurrent users?

Not at all! Things run pretty smoothly!


Thanks Megann!

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Would you mind to share any chart to see the behavior? Just to know what I going to face/see in future

Gracias @MegannLock

Hey Megann

Just wanted to reach out and confirm that with your app that you don’t have any issues with thousands of people using app at once. Any answers or info would be appreciated.

She said above that her app has 31k users and runs smoothly.


Thanks David.

Hey! I don’t experience any issues with my app’s performance. What specific questions do you have? I don’t have many user specific functions within the app I mentioned above. Not sure if that makes a difference, but hope it helps!

@MegannLock has mentioned the overall number of monthly active users.

What we were trying to figure it out it’s concurrent users - how many users can operate the app at the exact same time without causing any lags or crashes.

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I’ve not experienced any issues. Here’s a more official answer from Glide’s documentation though:

Think of it this way. We are all hitting glide servers. Every single one of us along with our own users. So we are all concurrent users on a level much larger than just @MegannLock. I don’t know the entire user base of glide apps in general, but if we haven’t slowed each other down by now, then I think you would be fine. All of our data is stored on glide servers and synced to our sheets in batches. Just think about how much data and traffic is moving around on Glide at any given moment. I think any slowdowns you would ever experience would be related to your own connection reliability and the amount of data you are trying to load and cache on a single device at any given time.


Hi Jeff, a little off topic, but relating to the conversation. I am just about done creating my app. It involves a format of entering data for up to 30 segments of exercise or activity. With each segment having the ability to select time, and intensity and a couple other categories. For each day after the exercise, can that data be saved for that day into a cloud or exported to word, pdf, to an email? And then can I create a section for cumulative data for the week or month?

Hi Megan,

Could you briefly describe the functionality of your app, is it read only data or do the users have update access and if so at what kind of frequency?
I have concerns in understanding how the application will behave with multiple concurrent updates as Google Sheets is a shared spreadsheet and not a database server with ‘acid’ type behaviour.


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My app is essentially read-only. However, I do have buttons within many screens that allows users to send “suggestions” and add comments. That’s about as far as user-specific functions go. I am gearing up to add several read/write abilities to it, so I’ll let you all know how it goes! If it’s a massive failure (which I doubt it will be), then I’ll be okay! My app’s main purpose is to serve as an easy-to-read/search list of resources, so those user-specific functions aren’t necessarily imperative to include. I know that’s not the case for every app, though!

Glide sends updates to the sheets in batches, so if several people are making changes, then some of those changes are grouped together and sent and other changes are sent in a separate batch. Really it’s only one user (Glide) updating the google sheet. Not every individual app user hitting the Google sheet at one time.

Glide has its own database and it’s really just a syncronization of glide and google periodically through batches.

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