How many concurrent users is Glide able to handle?

Glide acts as a single user, but the Sheets UI allows many users to share and simultaneously update, so there can then be multiple ‘users’ applying updates to the sheet.
Your answer states Glide has its own database and batches updates to apply together, presumably using the Sheets API batchUpdate method. Is the sheet data cached and updates synchronised from the database to the sheet with some form of timestamp to synchronise?

I couldn’t tell you all the ins and outs of how the process works behind the scenes. All I know is that it’s batched together and I assume transports through the Google api. I assume the Google api handles any conflicts. As for a timestamp, there is a hidden Metadata sheet that glide uses for controlling background refresh I believe, bit it’s not directly related to when the sheet and glide syncronize. I guess as with any database, if somebody has their hands in the data while a program is using it, that could potentially lead to issues.

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Glide Tables can be edited by many users simultaneously in a way that Google Sheets cannot. We suggest using Glide Tables if you need highly concurrent updates.


Are Glide Tables visible and maintainable through the Google Sheet or are they purely within Glide?

Without that I cannot fully satisfy my use case where I have admin users who use the Google Sheet UI to add master data and amend / correct input from general users who will be submitting timesheet information.

You can learn about them here:

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