Max Concurrent Connections

Please can you confirm to me ¿how many concurrent connections the APP can support?

I need to use the App to check the stands that participate in an entrepreneur fair.

Thanks for your help


There is no limit that you need to be concerned about.

Your users do not connect to your app. They install it (or open it in a browser), and then the app connects to the Glide back end in the cloud.

I’m quite sure that will handle as many users as you can throw at it. And if it doesn’t, I’d expect that the Glide team would be overjoyed to add more capacity :wink:


I expect 2000 visitors to the event and everyone could be consulting the stands that are inside the place. My app is for consultation only, it does not do any transactions.

So, there would be no problem to having 2000 people browsing the App concurrently. ¿Isn’t it?

Thanks for your confirmation



I understand your answer but I too am a little curious. All applications have limitations. I don’t have to know exactly how concurrency conflicts are managed (E.g. Serialization, MVCC…) but would like to know that Glide has ways to scale those if needed.

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If your app is read-only, as you seem to indicate, there is no practical limit to concurrent users.


Obviously I can’t answer that, but I do know that you can run into concurrency issues when you have large numbers of users (or even just a handful in some cases) sending updates at the same time. I’ve seen the effects of this in a number of apps that I’ve worked on and have had to implement various workarounds to prevent users updates from clobbering each other.

Not an issue in this case though, as the op indicated the app was non-transactional.

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Exactly there is a no transaccionaly app. The app is read - only.

Thanks a lot for all your answers.