Long Loading Time


I am experiencing a long load time for new users (existing users don’t experience it).

  • My app is public with email and what I noticed is that it can take up to 1 minute for the new row to be registered in the profile tab with the username/email.
  • If the email is already registered in the profile tab then the access to the app is very quick.

Any ideas of what I should be looking into is highly welcome.


Did you try to delete all your empty rows ?

Yes. It didn’t change anything.

Is the profile tab auto populated from the built in user profile functionality, or are you doing something externally in a google sheet to populate the user profile sheet?

I think auto-populated by the built in user profile.
Once the user is logged in the app registers the email into the user profile sheet.

Ok. Not sure why it would be slow to update, but just wanted to eliminate any possibility of being something done on a google sheet.

I have some columns with an arrayformula in the profiles tab but those take effect only after a new row is created and the email is registered to the new row.


I was able to isolate the issue and solve it. Basically, I have too many formulas in the profile tab that causes it to load slowly and any tab that is dependent on it, gets slowed down too.