Get list of users who ticked checkbox

Hi to everyone.
I was trying to solve one feature with user-specific column but failed and need help.
Also I found similar topic where problem wasn’t solved with u-s column.
Maybe someone could help me with other approach?

I have:

  1. Sheet with football fields
  2. Sheet with user profiles

I want create this process:

  1. User tick mark on screen with football field (“I can play here”)
  2. Other user when open screen with that field can see section “People who can play here” with all users who ticked that mark.

Maybe somebody solved similar case? Any help appreciated

You must use a form to get that confirmation that a user can play, there’s no other way.

Thanks, did you meant create new sheet specially for this function and after this use inline list in football-fields screen?
Or other way?

Did i understand correctly that If user will need to “uncheck” field that means he would need somehow to delete items? Seems like not user friendly(

Yeah you understand it correctly.

However you don’t necessarily have to delete the item. It can be like this:

  • In the form catch the user’s email, the stadium’s name and write a true value to a boolean column. You can do this via a text entry field with default value, and use a condition that will never be true so it’s always hidden.

  • Back to the submissions, let the signed in user use a switch to toggle offf that boolean field.

It’s more about creating a row for each user when they need to, because user-specific columns don’t offer rollups for now.

Thanks, I’ll try to make it that way

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