Check Box + If / Else Skip a Screen

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I’m trying to set up a screen explaining the free / paid sessions on our app. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use a checkbox at the bottom of that screen and an if / else statement so that once the user has read the page and understood it, it can be skipped in the future.

I can see you can hide the components on the page but wondering if you can skip the page altogether once the check box is toggled?



You can setup a boolean column, let’s call it “Introduction done?”, and place that column in the same sheet where you set up your user profiles.

Then, set the tab visibility to only show when “Introduction done?” is not True.


Is it a 3 screen transition?
Login -> T&C -> HOME
and if T&C are accept you want as below

Login -> HOME

This sounds like exactly what I need, will report back thank you for your time!

Yes that is the flow effectively

That’s what I’ve been doing for my onboarding process as well, so tell me if I can help more.

Ok, so as the checkbox wasn’t on the user profile sheet I used a single value to get the checkbox info from the sheet I needed and added it to the user profile. Worked perfectly.


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Nice to hear :smile:

Sorry I spoke too soon, the only issue is that the single value on the user profiles completes for all profiles once checked even if the boolean is set to user specific is there any way around this?

Make a new user specific column and use that instead.

The user specific option seems to disappear when you select single value.

Not on the single value column. On the checkbox column.

Hey Jeff,

Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do. My issue is that I cant get the checkbox to link back to the sheet before and it doesn’t link to the user-specific boolean in the user profile either? I linked it with a single value column but it’s not user-specific in that case. Sorry about the noob level 1000 I’m learning.

Effectively a multi-stage onboarding process.

Looking at what you have in that screen, probably you can create the single value for that video URL only, the others can be done through texts, which you can make custom ones.

Create that checkbox column inside the user profiles sheet and record the value there.

Can you explain which sheet the tutorial is on? I was thinking the checkbox on that screen would fill a user specific column. Then the sheet for your home tab would use a single value column to get that checkbox value, which should be different for each user and I think you could then set visibility on the button based on the single value column.

Hi Jeff, I worked this out in the end thank you.

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Hello guys, I’m opening this back up again as I never got it resolved. You can see it at

I’m basically wanting to hide the 'Watch intro video button once someone has watched it via a checkbox. But as above, I can’t get a boolean to talk to a column in my user sheet!

If the video is the same for all users, you can just make a boolean column in your user profiles to store the info whether the user has watched it, then show video when boolean is not true?

I’m struggling to link a ‘has watched’ boolean on that video page to a user column. I’m hot sure how as the only option on the boolean features for that video page is to link to one on that sheet - Is there I can make one boolean check another one in my user sheet?