User Profile resets to blank

Hi there

My App has ‘Parent Only’ tabs. I created a Users sheet and added 75 email addresses. I then added a column for ‘user specific’ and filled the column with ‘True’.
I then made the newsletter component 'visible if Newsletter contains True.
This worked well.
But then the column filled with True became empty. So I refilled. It was now working again.
This has happened constantly.
Any ideas why? Did I miss something when setting up?

Due to having to constantly refill the 75 rows with True, I see that I can’t fill down in any way?

Thanks, Jeanette

If you’re using a public app, that “User Specific” column will be cleared out after a while.

What you can do is, if I’m understanding how you construct it, is to add that True column as a normal column in your sheet and do the filter with it. In the Users sheet you also have emails that are not available to view Newsletters right?

Yes, it is Public.

I have a Users sheet that contains the emails of all users who CAN view the Newsletter.
This users sheet ALSO contains a column called Newsletter and another called Timetable both of which are ‘user specific’ those 2 columns are prefilled with true.
The Newsletter component has a visibility set to only view if signed in person has their row with an approved email and True.

Thanks, Jeanette

Change them to a normal column that can be viewed inside your sheet and mark the TRUE cells as you wish. That would work.

Should this column be in my google spreadsheet or the ‘Data’ dashboard version?

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It should be in your Spreadsheet so that the value won’t go away.

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Thank you, will give that a try.


Thank you so much!

I made the changes and had some of the users test for me.

All is now working as I wanted.

Thanks again, Jeanette :slight_smile:


Glad it worked, have a nice weekend yourself :smile: