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Hi all,
This is for a basic CRM system. In the “Client details” screen there are currently many buttons, each linked to different Google Form with pre-filled values based on this client (based on “construct URL” column).
I’d like to clean up the screen and leave just two buttons (or any other component): 1. Main forms, 2. other forms. The reason being is that in 90% of the time, the app user will need only the “main forms”. The idea is that once they click on this components, there’ll be something like a collapsible list of such links to forms. Clicking on each such link will lead the user to that pre-filled form.
Another option in was thinking about was to have a collapsible floating button. This means that the main forms will remain as buttons in the “client details” screen and the “other forms” will all be bundled into one floating button. When the user clicks on that button, it’ll expand to show buttons to all the other forms.
At the end of the day, the idea is to allow users with ease-of-use of the client details page, without too much “button clutter”.
I hope this is not asking too much and, from the other end, that I’ve fully explained what we’re looking for.

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Hi Test,

This should be fairly straight forward to do. Have you looked at visibility options on components ?

You can choose what you want visible under what conditions.

If I understand you correctly you want to show two components (buttons) 1. Main Forms and 2. Other Forms When some clicks on Main Forms you want to show them list of the Main Forms and when you press Other Forms you want to show them that list.

In the sheet create a column called visibility. Then when you press/click on Main Forms do a custom action and set visibility to 1, and set it 2 for Other Forms.

Then for each component go the visibility and check for the visibility number by adding a condition to see if it should be displayed or not.

To make it work like a show/hide switch, in the custom action of the button you can put in a condition
if current value is 0 then set value to 1, if current value is 1 then set value to 0

Hope this helps or feel free to message back.


Thanks @Dan_San!
This is a very elegant solution. One thing I’m not sure how to do:
If I understand correctly, you suggest that the column titled “Visibility” will be in the sheet which has all the client details. If this is correct, how do I make sure that the switch goes back to “0” when a user goes out of this client details screen?
If I don’t make sure of that, it’ll mean that if any user switch to “1”, all users who go into this clients details page will see the switch set to “1” and, consequentially, see the “other forms”.
I believe that you addressed exactly this issue in your last paragraph, but I cannot fully understand it.
Thanks again!

You should be using a user specific column for that Visibility column. Then it won’t affect any other users.