How to create a Hide/Show or collapse/expand Button?

Hi everyone! I’m having some difficulty creating a hide/show button, and I really could use some guidance. If anyone has experience with this or knows of a helpful tutorial, I’d greatly appreciate your assistance. Thank you!

The general approach is that you have an action attached to the button that toggles the status of a user specific boolean column, and then set component visibility conditions based on the status of the same column.

So the action on the button would be:

  • If boolean is checked, then
    – Set Column Values → boolean → Clear value
  • Else
    – Set Column Values → boolean → true

And your component visibility condition would be “show component when boolean is checked”.

You could also use an if-then-else column to create a dynamic label for the button as follows:

  • If boolean is checked, then “Hide”
  • Else “Show”
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