What Actions do you wish Glide had?

Other use cases:


@Antonio @Adrianne_Ngam


Dear god. Yes please.

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To add a if then else condition after a for example set column action.
So I coud check if a related column is not empty then success else failed notification.


Make a REST API request.


Wait action. By far.

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Add shipping/P&P costs to the checkout, and Discount coupon field on checkout

something like this:

  • allow developer the option to choose whether its required for the checkout to proceed to purchase
  • allow developer upto X amount of shipping options, with prices and courier service name
  • Coupon codes for discounts at checkout, self explanatory. Option for either % or Numeral discount.

I believe this would be fairly easy to implement, wouldn’t take long and would make a HUGE impact on conversions and also will allow for physical products to be sold on apps. Please consider this

Can you explain how you’d use it?

Action: Shift row up/down in Glide Table.

Use: changing the ‘sheet order’ of items in an inline list Changing order in a related list of rows - #7 by Jaime

Would be cool to have ‘shift row to top of table’ or ‘shift row to bottom of table’


The ideas for just right now (I’m sure more would pop up later):

Animations and image changes
Multi-user interaction (one user presses a button, wait for other user to press a button)
Chain events: Press button, cell a changes, then cell b changes based upon the change to cell a, then cell c changes based upon the change to cell b, etc…
Countdown or Count up timer - increments by 1 or -1 every second. (especially useful in stores, to offer a discount if the user buys before time expires.)

That’s just a few.

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I don’t know if “Actions” could help to solve my 3 dreams:

  • multiselect in choice component
  • multiselect in choice component
  • multiselect in choice component

And by the way, I forgot this one:

  • multiselect in choice component!
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It’s not a choice component, but it’s as close as I’ve gotten to multiselect.

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager.
I will give a try to all this …

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It’s possible to use an Inline List as a makeshift multi-select.
In fact, that’s exactly what @SantiagoPerez and I did here :arrow_down:


Ability for an action in one app to make a change on another app you own.

Example: Your customer books a trip on the customer facing app and then their trip details are added to an employee facing app.

Also would like the ability to create actions with the Buy Button/Pay button.

This is already possible if both apps are sharing the same GSheets and/or Glide Tables.


Please please this

Would love to have the capability to link an If Then Else column to Buy Button Price to allow customer’s choices to update price in real time.

Multiselect on choice Component is a great feature please vote

And also this :+1: