Changing order in a related list of rows

I recently built an app where users created projects, and then created ordered milestones within each of those projects.

The milestones in a project often needed to be reordered, and users needed to slot in additional milestones at various points (ie. adding a milestone between the existing milestones 3 and 4).

I played around with assigning a position number to each milestone and allowing users to increment/decrement that number depending on whether they wanted to push a milestone up the order, but this didn’t really solve the issue because often this would just place a bunch of different milestones on the same position number.

Allowing users to set the position number directly could also work, but when there are dozens of milestones, they would have to reassign a number to every milestone to get the proper order.

Any elegant solution to this that I am missing? There’s probably something really obvious I am overlooking :smiley:


I am currently on the subject, I think I can give you a demo in a while.

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That’d be great!

Here is a demo.
If this is what you are looking for ??
Otherwise, I’m off topic :wink:



Yeah! Looks about right

The application is still under development.

Here is a demo application.
There are 2 examples

  • “Simple order” (no modification by the user, only up/down)
  • “User order” (addition, modification, delete and up/down)

For “Order User” you can use several different lists, you just have to adjust the “Master” field

For the moment I haven’t done it by user yet. So if 2 users are using at the same time, there is a problem.
I plan to do so in the next few days.

In the meantime this gives you an idea of ​​my solution (it may not be the best, but for the moment it works :-))

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Nice. That is a really interesting solution. Thanks for sharing.

I think this would be quite tricky to implement when there are multiple lists of items with their own individual orders.

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I am currently working on the subject.
Because I have an application with several users who do not necessarily use the same lists, so several lists with different choices per list.

In the small demo, there is a start of the solution with the “Master” field which represents an ID of a list.

It would be easier if we had this option natively in the lists, but that’s another story.

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Without thinking too much, for multi-user use, it is probably necessary to change some fields to “Column is user-specific”

  • Order
  • Select a date
    and maybe “Safe Value”
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Yeah, a ‘shift row up/down/to the top/to the bottom’ action would solve this problem I think

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