A 'Popout Details' action

Request to add a Popout Details Layout similar to how forms display.

Here’s a screenshot of how it could look using the ‘Show form’ action, forms don’t work as a workaround because when you interact on the Form Popout it creates an additional row and all edits are made to that new row.

Currently to view the details of a row you are forced to use the ‘View Details’ action, a ‘Popout Details’ option would be a welcomed addition.

Also requesting the ability to then close the display by just clicking off/outside of the popout (clicking on the page in the background) instead of the current method of having to select a ‘Done’/‘Sumbit’ button in top right/left of the popout.


Just want to highlight this request again. Primarily I’d use this to Popout items on inline lists and take action without navigating to the page and back.

My recent thought was itd be perfect if we could also navigate between items in the inline list once the popup is open - similar to the swipe layout.

I suppose navigation between inline list items could work from the View Details page too.

Popouts would also work really well for prompts/alerts.

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