Better Layout Understanding and visual for adding new entries

Hello Glide team,

is there a way we can have the add + on the right corner also as a floating button?
I hope this question is not too stupid, but I thought it would help visuals quite a lot.

Also I think it would be helpful to seperate Swipe and Details from the other layouts since these two allow adding components and the others doesn´t.

Cheers Nico


You could try adding a button component and choosing style “floating”. Then under features select show form.


I am not able to add components to list layouts.

You can only add components to details and swipe layouts.

Ahh I see…

Have you considered recreating the top level view to a details view with inline lists? Otherwise I think you would be out of luck.

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  • Set the screen as Details style
  • Add 2 components:
    • Inline list and set up as it is right now
    • Floting button with Form action to add

You’ll lose that All / Favorites because this works in screens with List, Tiles and Card style.
You can also do it with choice component, and do it manually. One list show everything and another filtering when is Favorite? colummn is true.



It will be like this