Is there a way to have the Add button in inline list?

In detail mode Add list disperse is there a way to still have it?

Not sure what “Add list disperse” means, but just looking at your screenshot - if you want to Add from there then you’d need to do it with your own button/floating button.

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I can do that. But i will need to redo everything i made in the past. And its a lot. Is there away to get it the form what i have already made in the past? I have 2 tabs that use the same form? This one (use to work untill i changed it to detail) and another one.

There probably is, but this is an area where I also get a bit lost, and usually end up figuring it out through a bit of trial and error.

I see @ThinhDinh lurking, he might be able to guide you through it


No, you can’t have an add button on a details layout. Your only options are to revert back to the list layout instead of the details layout, or recreate the add function with a form button.


This. In a details view, you can potentially have multiple inline lists from different sources, so it might get confusing if you have the native add button that only adds to one source.

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Yes i am using only 1 inline list. image

It would be a complete nightmare redoing everything i have done. Just a big no for now. To much work. X2

Glide Add button2

There are so many ifs, If admin, if user, if company match something. Glide should make this easier for us.

Yeah you might use only one but generally speaking, there’s always a possibility that anyone can add inline lists from different sheets, that’s the point where it gets confusing. I think it’s the right decision not to allow the native add on a details screen.

What can be done better here is the ability to “stick” an add form set up to the destination Sheet so that we can use that elsewhere in the app.

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