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My apologies if this has already been answered. If a user copies an app that had Zapier actions built in, the Zapier action will break because the new app has a different Zap ID, correct?


Thanks, @Markl Good to know!

Is it possible to allow the use of Arrays as fields to send to Zapier? I have an array of emails that I’d like to send as one value to Zapier as the “To” field for an email Zap.

If that’s not possible, is there a way to use the Data Editor to create a list of comma separated values from an email array that could then be used as a field to send to Zapier? I’m looking for ways to send a different number of emails to Zapier (number of email addresses can vary from 1 to 10 depending on the type of booking).

Edit: I used a formula in my sheet to create one column of all emails, separated by a comma and I send this one column to Zapier as one value. I’ve only tested with 2 emails, but I think it should work for all 10. My concern is that Zapier only allows up to 5 emails in their email field. I wonder if it’s smart enough to recognize my formula as 10 values as opposed to 1. I’ll have to test.

How are your arrays set up? Are they coming from a lookup, or is it just an array of column (Email1, Email2, etc)? If it’s just an array of columns, you can use a template column to build the comma delimited list in one column.

My array is just Email 1 Email 2, etc and it automatically creates the array column in the editor.

How would I use the editor to build the comma separated list?

Nevermind… just make a Template with each email separated by a comma. Basically the same as what I did in my Sheet but uses the Template instead. Thanks

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Hi guys,

Just trying out the new Zapier functionality as a way to send out email notifications once they complete a form.

Is there a way to do this?

I know currently it only works with buttons, images, text. However, I have a button that links to a form and it would be super useful to have a trigger from the ‘submit’ button once the form is completed.

You can set up a zap to monitor for changes in the sheet. Once a record is added, you can have Zapier perform an action. For what you want, I would bypass any trigger from Glide and have Zapier look directly at the sheet.


Thanks Jeff :smiley:

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Looking for expert support on using Zapier. Looking for quotes on integrating Acuity and Stripe. Thank you!

It would be nice to have a regular webhook be called from glide. Any chance of that?


In case anyone is interested

Looping by zapier is now in beta. Not worked out what to use if for, yet. I’m sure some of you will like a loop for whatever reason.

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Interested, yes - but what does it do? :face_with_monocle::nerd_face:


What’s the use of it ?

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Adding the same new user all day! :wink:

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I don’t use Zapier but I believe that normally it can only perform each step once. If you pass it a delimited string of text (row numbers, or names for example), and you can most likely have it loop through each item in that list and perform the same zap steps for each one separately. For example, I imagine you could pass is a list of comma delimited emails, have the zap search for a match in a sheet, maybe do something fun, like generate a pdf, then email the unique pdf to each email individually. This way, if you had 10 emails, you could call the zap once and have it loop 10 times instead of calling a zap 10 separate times, which would probably be a lot slower.


Yeah. I agree. Integromat already has this with Iterators. Sounds similar.


One question, if I want to have multiple zaps, would I have to buy the pro plan for the glide AND zapier? or just the glide one would already work unlimitedly?

Glide and Zapier are separate services. They are not affiliated with each other, so you would need to pay separately for the functionality you need from each service.