I have a Starter Subscription with Zapier, can I ditch it for Glideapps?

Hey gang! I want to take advantage of the full Glide Capabilities to utilize unlimited Zaps on the Pro Plan but I am confused about what I am getting for that. Is it just to assign a trigger to then continue building a flow in Zapier?

Would someone mind clarifying what it is I am getting that is unlimited so I can consider ditching the Zapier subscription and taking advantage of a few more glide Subscriptions before the new pricing comes in?

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Your use of Zapier would still be limited by whichever subscription plan you have with Zapier. The only thing that’s “unlimited” with Glide in the Pro plan is how many times you can execute your Zaps on your Zapier plan in a month. There is no special agreement or pricing between Glide and Zapier. You would still need to consider your needs specifically with Zapier and pay for whichever Zapier plan would fit those needs.