Which Zapier Plan?

I’m new to Glide (Pro) and interested in the Zapier integration. Glide Pro lists “unlimited Zapier actions” in the feature set, but I can’t find any info about which Zapier plan is minimum for that access. I’d appreciate any links or advice. Thanks! J

You would still require a separate Zapier plan based on your needs. A free zapier plan, or any of the paid options will work. Glide will send unlimited actions to Zapier, but it would still be limited by whichever Zapier plan you chose. Your best option is to study the different zapier plans and determine which one best fits your intended usage needs.

Also as a side consideration. Many other users have used Integromat instead of zapier. From what I’ve read, it’s cheaper and easier to use and can still be called from glide using webhooks. But, it’s ultimately up to you to use what you are most comfortable with.


Excellent! Thank you.

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