Glide pricing updates

Well, if I were in charge of that app at the hotel, I would ask myself some of the following:

  • How many monthly active users will I really need realistically?
  • How many updates will a user need per day?
  • I would then head over to Glide pricing page and use the simulator to see how much the Team and Business plans would cost. Then maybe I would contact sales to see if the Entreprise plan would be viable.
  • I would try to determine if Maker is viable:
    • Users on the Maker plan can use personal email addresses only. Is it realistic to expect guests of the hotel to be limited to personal email addresses? If not, then Maker is not an option.
    • Airtable is not available as a data source on Maker. Is Airtable part of a larger tech stack with automation and integrations? Is it realistic to move data and automations from Airtable to Glide Tables? If not, then Maker is not an option.
    • If however the answer is yes to personal email addresses and replacing Airtable with Glide Tables, then the Maker plan might be a viable option.
  • If all plans were in budget and it came down to Maker vs Business let’s say, I would ask myself how much it would cost in employee-days to move things from Airtable to Glide Tables. Depending on the cost of labor where you’re located and the work involved, it might not be worth the trouble nor cost to change database. Also, I’d ask myself if the hotel needed other apps and thereby incur further value for the hotel, since you can build as many apps as needed on Business.
  • Another consideration: based on topics in the community forum, Airtable doesn’t seem to always be the best of choices as a database for a Glide application. I don’t have an opinion, I’ve never used Airtable in a live project.

I’d be thinking along those lines for starters.


You are stick like I am !

There is unfortunately no « fixed » plan available anymore for many users (personal and pro), updates and rows ! Or go entreprise :frowning: 1000€/month.

You can go for « variable » plan but this makes things more complicated…especially if you design apps for clients

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Thank you for the answer @nathanaelb. The thing is that we’re having this issue because of the “sudden” change of pricing of Glideapp, changing the commercial logic and causing damnages to apps that were already developed and live. Rebuilding an entire app from scratch just to use Glide tables 1) is a huge expense in terms of employee-days, 2) has its own limits, that’s why we went for Airtable in first place, which makes some features so much easier.

The Business is not even an option because it gives you only 20 monthly users more… and it’s not even enough. We’re very disappointed anyway… and I guess we’re not the only one. Thanks for your feedback.


Whichever plan you were using prior to the new pricing, there is no need to change. Normally, the new pricing does not affect existing apps.

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@nathanaelb I needed to change the plan because Airtable sync had been stopped since they changed also into the new OAuth method. In order to update Airtable OAuth, I needed to transfer that app into a Team plan that allows the use of Airtable. That’s why. So I’m stack now into a plan that doesn’t respond to the same necessities I had before. What should I do…?


Not true in my case. Lost the possibility to use webhooks in my old paid plan.

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What a tricky and frustration situation. I think I’d reach out to Glide support, or see if the team on the legacy plan is still available in the dashboard, or see which new plan might work going forward.

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It’s frustrating to have customers willing to pay $ 3,000 a year for the business plan and not be able to give them unlimited users. We are talking about a money boat! We have a customer who needs to have unlimited users and a lot of records and I don’t know what to do anymore! We can’t charge him $12,000 a year! I’m tired, we are losing a big customer because of this. :cry:


If you haven’t already done so, you could contact Glide’s sales team.

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I’m curious to hear about the solution.

Make just released a major announcement about the Facebook groups API which will be shut down in less than 20 days so I think this will solve my current issue here about the rows…but not yet about the many users (personal AND pro needed), which no plans adresses, except for business maybe but that is out of my league…

Go to Bubble

I think they want to avoid builder that create applications for multiple client using the business plan it’s a dilemna sadly because i can’t offer glide services to some client i had to switch to Bubble

I believe that it would be enough to allow the use of Big Table on the maker plan, so you can develop only one app for a single customer.

yeah i think so, if Glide make it happen i could be back!! because i love glide , but it has so many constraint

Totally agree!

Yes, I have the same feeling and also sometime gets charged twice in a month

Glide might think about inserting a “Maker Plus” plan which contains not only everything in the basic Maker plan but also unlimited records, with once app that we can publish, charging us about 69 per month billed yearly.