Community Update: Glide Certification Level 2 πŸŽ“πŸš€

Glide Certification Level 2 is now available!

The response to our Level 1 certification was intense, with hundreds of Gliders getting certified in a matter of months. The new Level 2 certification kicks it up a notch with more advanced coverage of data, computations, and UX.

See our blog post for more details and get certified in Glide University.

Plus: SQL data sources are out of beta

A big thank you to everyone who joined our closed Alpha and open Beta phases. Bringing SQL data into Glide opens up a whole world of possibilities. We’re already seeing the impact for companies building Glide apps.

Refer to our docs for more details on SQL data sources.

Community events :calendar:

New Glide features & fixes :sparkles::wrench:

  • Fixed a bug with iFrame auto-focus
  • Fixed a bug with Glide Tables not syncing protected columns
  • Fixes a BigQuery bug where no rows were returned

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