Company Dashboard - template

Hey Glide Community! :wave:

I’m thrilled to share something we’ve been passionately working on at LowCode Agency - our latest creation, the ‘Company Dashboard’ template, soon live on the Glide template store!

:star2: About the Template: The ‘Company Dashboard’ is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, aiming to transform how businesses manage their day-to-day operations. It’s a comprehensive solution that covers everything from invoice management to team communications.

:mag: Key Features:

  • Invoice Management: Easily track and manage invoices from employees and contractors.
  • Asset Management: Assign and track both digital and physical assets within your organization.
  • Days Off Requests: Simplify how you handle leave requests with quick approvals or denials.
  • Company Announcements: Centralize your communication for company-wide news.
  • Internal Documentation: A wiki-like section for SOPs and vital company info.
  • Team Communication: Enhance the way your team interacts and collaborates.

:wrench: Built for Glide Users: This template leverages the best of Glide’s features, offering a user-friendly and intuitive interface. It’s perfect for business owners, managers, and growing businesses who want to streamline their admin processes. We built this for ourselves at LowCode, and now we’re releasing this as a template, so we have first-hand experience about how valuable a solution like this is for growing teams (we’re 17 at LowCode!)

:handshake: We’d Love Your Feedback: I’m really excited to see how this can add value to your businesses and projects. You can check out the template video here:

:bulb: Your Thoughts? How do you see this template fitting into your current or future projects? Any features you love, or something you think we should add?
And more importantly, which other templates would you like to see in the store?