Housekeeping the Glide Dashboard

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Just a quick question on options to keep a tidy Dashboard in Glide. Within the next few weeks I will have perhaps as many as 100 projects I will be working on. It becomes a bit of a mission keeping track of them on a single Dashboard screen.

Is there a way to create a folder or tree structure on the Dashboard so that projects can be further categorised. This would make it much easier to track down a specific project rather than having to go through the app icons to find the right one.

Can’t seem to find a way to do this.

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Glide devs were just talking about this with the Experts this week. Hopefully we’ll see something within the next month or two!

Magic. Thank you so much for the update.

Just out of interest Robert - are you aware of any update on why we are unable to buy templates at present? It doesn’t seem to have been working for several months now…

Regards, Russ

The template store is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment, so probably related to that. See also the below announcement:

I think you still can. If you preview the app, the option to purchase is in the top right corner.

Thanks Robert and Darren.

It gives the illusion of being able to purchase the template - tells you how much it is going to cost etc - and once you click ‘pay’ it takes you back to the dashboard - but doesn’t actually charge you or move the template into your team.

The template I have been trying to buy is a ‘Pages’ template - so in theory shouldn’t have been impacted by the decision to stop hosting ‘classic’ app templates in the store.

Perhaps Darren’s comment about the site overhaul is the answer. It would have been helpful if Glide had informed users that the store was down and when it might be back up again.

I guess they must just be frantically busy with all of the new features coming online.

Another unrelated question to two of Glide’s most expertly experts! :-)…

I am currently enjoying the not for profit plan as all of my projects to date have been in the not for profit sector. That will change in the next few weeks. I plan to buy an ‘Enterprise’ plan as my updates will easily exceed 25,000 per month; and the apps will be for commercial paying customers - not NFP. The specs for the Enterprise plan is very open ended on their pricing page with all of the options saying ‘custom’. Do either of you know the magnitude of these offerings under this plan? Is it unlimited - or are there still limits on updates, private users etc.

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There are limits, and there are different Enterprise tiers with different limits. And that’s probably about as much as I should say. Your best thing is to reach out to Glide Sales via the “Contact Us” button on the Pricing Page.

Exactly. Glide negotiates a plan with limits that meet your needs.

Thanks guys - this is really helpful.

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You are probably aware that you can create teams, and as many projects as you like (not necessarily published depending on the team plan) in each team. Maybe you could leverage teams to create a folder structure.

Inside a team, you can:

  • Use the search bar at the top of the screen
  • Sort alphabetically
  • Sort by newest / oldest

Finally, project nomenclature (naming) could help keep apps logically organized within a team when you use alphabetical sorting.

I haven’t had to manage 100 apps, but team folders, search, sorting and being attentive to naming have mostly allowed me to keep my dashboard organized.

I know all of this is somewhat obvious.

Hi Nathanael,

Thanks for that. It seems from the earlier replies that a folder structure for the dashboard might only be a month or so away. I am happy to wait for a couple of months to see if anything comes of this. Russ

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