Classic templates are being removed on Jun 16

Hey, community!

This announcement is strictly relevant to template creators who have submitted templates that were built on Classic Apps to our template store. If that doesn’t sound like you, feel free to ignore this post! But if it does, then there’s important info for you below.

As of Friday, June 16, 2023, we will be permanently removing all Classic App templates from our template store.

A couple of months ago, we hid Classic App templates from the store, but we didn’t actually get rid of them. If you found them on Google, or if you had the direct URL, you could still access and use these Classic App templates. However, because Classic Apps are no longer available to new users, this has created a bit of a tricky situation, wherein users are trying to copy Classic App templates, but they don’t work (because they don’t have access to Classic Apps.)

If you don’t care about your template disappearing, then no action is required. However, if you’d like to keep your template in our store, you will need to rebuild it on Apps. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your Glide account and navigate to the “Templates” tab on the left side


Step 2: Click “New Template” and then click “Continue”
Note: you do NOT want to click “Create a Classic App”

Step 3: Rebuild your Classic App template as an App
Note: You must build your template using a Glide table; you can not use Google Sheets.

Step 4: Once your template is complete, click “Submit to Store” in the top right corner.


Step 5: Complete the submission form, and be sure to enter a well-written, SEO-optimized description for your template. This will enhance its discoverability on search results.

Be sure to review the template store guidelines to ensure your submission is ticking all the boxes. That way, we don’t need to send the template back to you for revisions.

Once you’ve submitted your template, we will review it and, in most cases, approve it for the store.

Come June 16th, the Classic Apps version of the template will be gone automatically, so there’s nothing more you need to do!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below, and we’ll get back to you quickly!

Thanks friends!

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This is very short notice if you have more than one template. Even rebuilding my most basic template from scratch will take more than a week to build from scratch, even assuming that I’ve spent as much time in new Apps to be an ‘expert’ in them the way I am with Classic Apps.

Why such short notice? Will the actual templates still be in my folder to access as a reference while I rebuild after that date? I know this won’t be a quick process because I just rebuilt a Classic App as an App which was only two tabs and four tables and one action. It took a week. Of course, I had other projects going.

Glide has not even completed the process of bringing over all the features that you intend to bring over yet, so I imagine some Templates will not be able to be rebuilt at this time.

Also, the email I received announcing this implied that there will never be a conversion tool between Classic Apps and Apps. Or does this only apply to templates?

Here is the reference from the email.

Hey @David_Gabler !

Thanks for the note. I appreciate you chiming in. To answer your questions:

  1. I absolutely understand that it’s short notice. We would have granted a bigger window to rebuild these, if it wasn’t critical that we remove classic app templates asap. Many of our customers no longer have access to Classic Apps, but they discover these templates, purchase or copy them, to no avail. They are un-usable since the user doesn’t have access to Classic apps in Glide anymore. This is causing a poor user experience at Glide, and a heavy burden on our support teams. So to fix the broken customer experience, classic templates has to go asap.

  2. While we will remove the templates permanently, we are not deleting your apps. If you built a classic app, it will still be in your Glide account after June 16 so you can continue to use it as a reference. If it takes you longer to submit your template, you will still have access to the app for reference afterwards. Essentially what we’re doing is redirecting all classic app templates to the template store homepage.

  3. Regarding migrations, we are still working on a migration tool to convert your classic apps to new Glide apps. We do not intend to build a migration tool specific to templates, but that is different from a migration tool for your apps themselves. We’ll keep users posted on that.

Let me know if you have any more thoughts or feedback, David. Happy to engage.

Have an awesome Friday!

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So I can just wait for the migration tool and convert my Classic App to an App and then turn it into a Template from there, correct? I might just do that.

Thanks for the prompt response, and have a great weekend!


Yep, you can absolutely do that @David_Gabler . The only consideration on your end is we don’t have a release date planned for the migration tool, so between June 16 and when that tool is released, your template will not be available. As long as you’re okay with that, so are we :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend as well! Cheers.