How the new Glide Apps may affect your templates

Hello Template Store makers!

Today we announced that Glide Apps are now called Classic Apps, and Glide Pages are now called Glide Apps. You can learn more about this transition in our docs.

This transition may have an impact on you if you’re a Classic App template maker.

What does this mean for templates?

  • As of today, Classic Apps templates (formerly known as Apps templates) are no longer be visible in the Template Store
    • Classic Apps templates are still accessible through their direct links, but will not be listed or discoverable in the Template Store
    • These templates will still work as expected for building Classic Apps
  • All Apps templates (formerly known as Pages templates) will remain in the Template Store and will continue to work as expected
  • All Classic Apps (previously known as Apps) created from templates will remain active and continue functioning

Why the change to templates?

We want our template makers to start building templates for Apps and stop building for Classic Apps.

Apps templates are adaptive and fully optimized for mobile and desktop devices. They maintain all the same core capabilities as Classic Apps, and include powerful new functionality such as Big Tables, Actions, and Integrations. Classic Apps do not support these features.

For that reason, we strongly recommend that you build all future templates using Apps rather than Classic Apps.

What action do you need to take?

You don’t need to take any action at the moment.

We’ll have more details to share soon on how to resubmit your Classic Apps templates as Apps templates. We’re also working on tools to simplify the migration from Classic Apps to Apps.

Thank you for being on this incredible journey with us!


When will pages have copyable templates like Apps? or is this issue already fixed?

Oh… I see it is working now!!! Back to business, LOL

Oh… I can’t connect Google Sheets to the template… that’s a bummer :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wish they had provided the ability to convert google sheets to glide sheets before pulling this trigger.

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No… they should have the same function as in Apps, that the template will be copied together with Google Sheets… The best attribute of Glide is that it works with Google Sheets.

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But templates are not allowed to be in the store with google sheets. I do agree it should be an option. I don’t like that it automatically converts the excel to glide tables without giving you the option.

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I have my own templates store for pro users, but it is ok… I figure out the solution, and it is even better than Glide’s original one… much faster and cheaper :wink:

Are all templates in the Template Store strictly built on Glide Tables?
Is it a requirement for all new templates to be submitted to be built with Glide Tables or can we submit templates based on Google Sheets

This is great to hear. Thank you for sharing this with me


Glide will only accept them if they are built with Glide Tables. Potential customers of your template may not have a google account, so using glide tables guarantees that anyone can purchase and use your template right out of the box.


@Jeff_Hager has it right. :+1:

Think of templates as ready-to-go, out-of-the-box starter apps.

Your template users/customers can extend those templates with additional data sources and integrations, but those shouldn’t be necessary for the templates to work.


A pity because Google Sheets helps a business be able to use the information gathered within the app to analyze the data.

Nothing is stopping a user from attaching a google sheet once they copy a template. The problem is that not everybody has a google account, so it’s not a very good experience if someone copies a template and they can’t use it because they don’t have a google account. I work at a business that does not use Google products so any templates based on google sheets would be useless, whereas a template based on Glide Tables is universal. The beauty of Glide is that you can adapt any template to your needs, whether that’s attaching your existing google sheets, an excel sheets, or airtable.


so it would be possible to attach the template after download to a google sheet? though the user would need to know how to do it for it to work like that.

It’s pretty easy to add tables to an app regardless of the source. Yes, a user may have to manually make some changes to adapt the app to their data, but that would be the case regardless if they have existing data in an existing google sheet.