Why the TWO different Template Pages

(and which is better?)

At my App Dashboard, UPPER left

When I want to “Create app …” “From Template”


This one has more Categories (like Conferences, Games, Medical)

But at the same dashboard, LOWER left

If I click on Templates, I am sent to this page


This one has “Order by”

This one has the “Show Paid” toggle

Any reason for the different Template pages?

Hi :wave:

Glide apps are made from Google sheets. So what on earth is a template?

From Google sheet

Option 1 - create your own app from scratch. The working assumption here is that the available templates didn’t meet your specific app requirements. So you did everything from scratch on a google sheet. The next step in the process is bringing that google sheet to life as a mobile app. This is where Glide comes to the rescue. You do this by selecting “from google sheet”. To go live, tap share.

From Template

Option 2- select any paid/free ready made template, make changes, and go live. This means you don’t have to in theory open a google sheet and start from scratch. Others have already done the ground work for you. Hence, template. You open the template on your dashboard, load the google sheet from which the app was made, and off you go !

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Yes, but my point is that there are TWO different template pages.

When I click this: (upper left)

The screen looks like this:


When I click this: (lower left)

I get this:

One of them has more categories and the other has more filter features.

Spencer. okay you have a point. I also didn’t notice the regular under your name. Urghhh! I was gonna say maybe one section for organisations and the other for regulars. No way. I’ll check and get back to you in a jiffy.

Spencer solved:

The UPPER takes us to the templates store, where the paid ones are on top, and selection of templates is streamlined. When hover you over them, it gives you the option to “preview”or “buy/copy” templates.

The LOWER which is on the left hand side of the dashboard, takes us to the regular template store. When you hover over the templates you don’t see preview or buy/copy template. You have to pass a few additional steps before you see preview/copy template.