🗣 Call for Templates

glideapps.com now features quick links to app categories that are most popular with Glide’s target customers:

If you’re thinking of developing templates, they will be most visible if they fall into one of these categories.


I’d love to share some new templates I’ve made, but… Stripe isn’t allowed in Brazil yet :cry:


Looks like you can’t access the website unless you sign up. Not very happy :pensive:

Wiz, what do you mean? This is our main website and should be open to everyone.

That’s exactly what I want for us all to be able to access the main website without having to be required to sign up before we could view all the free templates/Glide documentation etc…! Every time I click on a template or Glide video it brings me back to our new page asking me to sign up. or is it only me?

@david trying on an iPhone and this is a really bad experience I must say. Images of templates sends me all different directions. Some to templates, some to the builder, some to documentation and search doesn’t work.


Please make a video, I don’t understand what you’re seeing.

There is no sign-in functionality whatsoever on glideapps.com so if you’re being asked to sign in, something else is going on.

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I think I see a bug, tell me if this only happens on mobile?

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It’s happening on iPhone for certain. Let me check website.

Thank God! Website is perfect! Just how I wanted it! So its on mobile devices only!.

Is it fixed now on mobile if you refresh?

Nope! Still takes you to all sorts of places like Kristov described above.

Strange, I am positive I’ve just fixed it. Please refresh and try again.

This new page is always in my face, even when I press x on top right hand corner.

I think you are somehow still on an old version of the site… I will put one more fix it then ask you to try again.

If you can configure your screen recording software to show the taps you’re making, I can understand the issue better. It’s hard for me to tell what is happening due to a tap or not.

Okay,I want to agree with you…I have 2 iphones…its happening on both…Once you press on the x, and press on the 3 bars it should open the drop down menu…but no, it reopens the new page.

The issue is that the mobile main menu is always open, even when it’s completely transparent, so when you tap on something on the page, you are actually tapping on the invisible menu, so it seems you are going to a random page.

I’ve made a change to the invisible menu is actually removed from the page when closed.

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